Right to Manage

As a flat owner, you and your neighbours may have the right to take over management of your property. You do not need the consent of your landlord/freeholder, nor do you need to prove negligence on the part of your current Managing Agent.

The legal term for this is Right to Manage. Pro-Leagle offer a range of Right to Manage services with transparent pricing.

  • There are rules in place defining who is entitled to exercise Right to Manage. Entitlement depends upon the length of your lease, how many of your neighbours want to participate and the type of property you live in.
  • Pro-Leagle has created an online qualification test to assess your entitlement.
  • The outcome of following the Right to Manage procedure is that a new Company is set up to manage your building. This Company is run by you and your neighbours. You will make decisions together on how your property is managed.
  • Once your company is in control, you can dismiss your current Managing Agents and either appoint an alternative Agency or self-manage. Right to Manage effectively removes the systematic financial abuse of flat-owners by unscrupulous Freehold owners and their Agents.
  • We have created a 'Do-it-Yourself Right to Manage Law Pack'. Our beginners one-stop guide will enable you to complete the process on your own. ALL information including forms and correspondence are included in the pack.
  • Before deciding to exercise Right to Manage, take a look at the pros and cons of Right to Manage to give you an idea whether it is right for you. You may also wish to consider the alternatives to Right to Manage.
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