Right to Manage

The Right to Manage Process - Services and Costs

If you would like Pro-Leagle to manage the RTM process for you, here is a breakdown of our charges:

First Stage

Eligibility Assessment for Right to Manage

  • Determination of whether you qualify for RTM involving perusal of your leases.
  • Contacting all other leaseholders to attract participation in the RTM.
  • Keeping you and the other leaseholders updated throughout.

Cost: £49.00 per flat

plus £20.00 disbursements.

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Second Stage

Company Incorporation and Serving of Notices

  • Setting up your Right to Manage Limited Company. This Pro-Leagle service provides qualifying leaseholders with a fully incorporated RTM Company limited by Guarantee.
  • Preparing and serving the Initial Notice on the Freeholder informing him or her of your intention to exercise RTM.
  • Drafting Affidavit of Service.
  • Considering Counter-Notice of the Freeholder if he or she is unwilling to accept the RTM's takeover.
  • If the Freeholder serves a Counter-Notice, to discuss with you and the other leaseholders, the question of whether you wish to proceed with a determination in the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber).NB: This service does not include application to, or representation at, the Tribunal. If this is necessary, Pro-Leagle can arrange for the preparation of statements of case and court bundle at additional cost.
  • Managing the transfer of management from current Managing Agents or Freeholder to the leaseholders, Pro-Leagle or an alternative Managing Agents. This service includes drafting and sending all necessary letters to the Freeholder, Managing Agents and contractors, liaising with all relevant parties in advance of and during the transfer period and ensuring as smooth a transition as reasonably possible.
  • Keeping you and the other leaseholders updated throughout the process.

Cost: £249.00 per flat.

plus £20.00 disbursements.

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