Alcohol Licensing

Personal Licence Application Process

  • A Personal Licence can be obtained by application to your local Licensing Authority (run by your local council).
  • Before spending money on an application you should confirm that you are eligible for a Personal Licence. Take Pro-leagle's Personal Licence Eligibility Test to determine this.

You will need to provide several documents with your application:

  1. A completed Personal Licence application form
  2. An accredited licensing qualification Certificate
  3. An original Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check or Basic Disclosure
  4. A Disclosure of Criminal Convictions and Declaration Form
  5. The relevant fee
  6. Endorsed passport photographs

Personal Licence Application Online Generator

For £9.99 Pro-leagle offers a simple, online Personal Licence Application automated service.

This is not a standard empty-form download but is an interactive service with help hints and comprehensive supporting information.

Pro-Leagle Management of the Personal Licence Application Process

For £99.99, Pro-Leagle can manage all aspects of your Personal Licence Application. We will ask you for various pieces of documentation to enable us to complete your application. However, all of the time consuming form filling, criminal record checks and correspondance with your local Licensing Authority will be carried out by Pro-Leagle. contact Proleagle to request this service.