Alcohol Licensing

Purchasing a property/lease with an existing premises licence

This situation is generally simpler than a new Premises Licence application. You can:

  • Apply to the Licensing Authority to transfer the licence into your name. You will need to obtain consent from the current licence holder. You may need to trace the previous owner.
  • If alcohol is to be sold, and the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) will not be the same as under the previous owner, you must also apply to vary the DPS.
  • If the current opening times and daily hours of licensable activities are unsuitable you will need to apply to vary the Operating Schedule of the licence.

Licensing Hearings and Appeals

The basic purpose of hearings before the licensing committee of the local Licensing Authority is the determination of applications for personal licences, premises licences and club certificates, Temporary Event Notices and variations to premises licences or applications for the revocation of personal and premises licences.

The purpose of the appeals procedure is to provide for a system of appeals to the magistrates' court against the decisions of the Licensing Authority. Any party involved in that decision may appeal against it, i.e. applicants, responsible authorities or interested parties.

Pro-Leagle can assist with Licensing Hearings, or help prepare the grounds for appeals.

Licence Variations

Premises License Variations

  • Do you need to vary the operating conditions of your licence?
  • Do you need to change the Designated Premises Supervisor?
  • Do you need to transfer an existing licence into your name?
  • Do you need to trace the previous licence holder in order to transfer an existing premises licence into your name?
Licensing Hearings and Appeals

Licensing Hearing/Appeals

  • Have you had a licence application rejected?
  • Are you subject to a hearing regarding a breach of your existing licence?

We can help.