Extend Your Lease

Buying the Freehold

  • Leaseholders can purchase the freehold land on which a property containing multiple flats is built through either informal negotiation with the current owner (the freeholder) or by statutory freehold purchase (known as collective enfranchisement).
  • The cost per-flat of lease extension is similar to the cost per-flat of buying the freehold. Assuming sufficient leaseholders are willing/able to participate, we generally recommend that our clients consider buying the freehold before proceeding with a lease extension.
  • Even if a leaseholder does not qualify for a statutory lease extension they may still qualify for collective enfranchisement.
  • Pro-Leagle offers a full collective enfranchisement service.
Apartment Blocks

The [Collective Enfranchisement] service was excellent and Pro-Leagle were very patient in what proved to be a long and difficult negotiation with our freeholder. But with the help of Pro-Leagle we were successful. We would really recommend this firm.

J. Rafferty, Director of Byrne Road Freehold Company, London Borough of Lambeth.