Collective Enfranchisement

Find out whether the leaseholders are entitled to a Statutory Collective Enfranchisement by using the qualification test provided.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive test. Always rely upon a professional eligibility assessment:

£99 / Flat - Eligibility Assessment


(1) Are there at least two flats in the building?

(2) At least two-thirds of the flats must be owned by qualifying leaseholders. Qualifying leaseholders are those:

  • With leases that were in excess of 21 years when first granted.
  • With residential leases not commercial leases.
  • Who if they own a shared-ownership flat, have staircased up to 100% ownership.
  • Who do not own three or more flats in the building whether solely in their name or jointly. Where this applies their flats will be discounted from the two-thirds majority required.

Are two-thirds of flats owned by qualifying leaseholders?

(3) Do the flats owned by qualifying leaseholders interested in Collective Enfranchisement equate to half (or more) of the total flats in the building? Note that if there are two flats in the building both must participate?

(4) Is 75% or more of the overall floor area of the property made up of residential, non-commercial living space?

(5) Are the flats in a self-contained property?

(6) Is the property under a single roof?

(7) Is the property either within the precincts of a of a church or chapel, or a National Trust/Crown property?

(8) Does the freehold title comprise any part of a railway line, track, bridge or tunnel or wall?

(9) Does a resident freeholder own one of the flats? If so:

  • Is the property a converted house containing 4 flats or less?
  • Did the freeholder own the flat prior to the conversion? and
  • Has the freeholder (or adult family member) lived there for the past 12 months?

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