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Collective Enfranchisement

Pro-Leagle Valuations

Pro-Leagle Collective Enfranchisement Valuation Reports are regularly commissioned by leaseholders, freeholders, law firms, estate agents and other property specialists. Each report comprises several pages of detailed calculations with explanatory notes.

Our valuations are suitable for informal premium negotiation, inheritance/taxation purposes and service of Section 13/21 Notices under the Leasehold Reform Housing & Urban Development Act 1993 for statutory freehold purchase.

Pro-Leagle Valuation Service

Pro-Leagle Valuation Service

  • Standard (7-10 days): £99 per flat / £198 per house.
  • Express (1-2 days): £115 per flat / £230 per house.
Ballpark Collective Enfranchisement Calculator

Ballpark Collective Enfranchisement Calculator

If you think the price of a freehold may not be right, and you're unsure about commissioning a Pro-Leagle valuation, then check out our Ballpark Collective Enfranchisement Calculator intended to give you a very rough idea of how much a freehold should cost.

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