Collective Enfranchisement

Alternatives to Collective Enfranchisement

Lease Extension

  • If insufficient numbers of leaseholders are interested in Collective Enfranchisement but an individual leasehold owner still wishes to maintain the length of their lease (and value of their property), Lease Extension may be an option.
  • Provided that the leaseholder qualifies, they can apply for a 90 year Lease Extension. This does not require the participation of any of the other leaseholders. Pro-Leagle offer a full Lease Extension service.

Right to Manage

  • If leaseholders do not wish to pay the cost of Collective Enfranchisement but still wish to rectify difficulties with maintenance or service charges, Right to Manage may be an option.
  • Provided that the leaseholders and their property qualify, the leaseholders could take over management of the property. The costs involved are generally low. Pro-Leagle offer a full Right to Manage service.