Collective Enfranchisement
Freehold Valuation
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Freehold Valuation

Pro-Leagle Collective Enfranchisement Valuations

  • Pro-Leagle Freehold Valuation Reports are regularly commissioned by law firms, estate agents and other property specialists. Each report comprises several pages of detailed calculations with explanatory notes.
  • Our valuations are suitable for both informal negotiation of a freehold purchase and for preparation of legal Collective Enfranchisement Notices.
  • The freehold of a property cannot be subdivided and must be purchased in its entirety. Consequently the freehold share of each flat must be valued to determine the overall cost.
  • We offer both a standard and an express service:

Pro-Leagle Freehold Valuation:

  • Standard Valuations (7-10 working days): £99.00 per flat.
  • Express Valuations (1-2 working days): £115.00 per flat.
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How is the Freehold Valued?

  • The Freehold value is calculated using several key pieces of information. These include:
  1. The ground rent per year.
  2. How many years there are left to run on the lease.
  3. The value of the property.
  4. The area in which the property is located.
  5. The number of leaseholders in the property who decide to participate in Collective Enfranchisement.