Collective Enfranchisement

Collective Enfranchisement - Companion Services

Freeholder Tracing Service

  • Absent freeholders may cause problems when exercising the right to Enfranchise. If the freeholder is absent and you want to proceed with Collective Enfranchisement, you will need to at least demonstrate that you have attempted to locate your missing freeholder when you apply to the Court for a freehold purchase Order.
  • Pro-Leagle's tracing service will identify the owner of the freehold and their correspondence address. In the event that the freeholder cannot be found, Pro-Leagle will provide a certification document describing comprehensive search methods and advertisements used. Pro-Leagle will also discuss with you the ways in which you can proceed.

Cost: £210.00 per hour

(Typically £630.00).

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Securing an alternative Managing Agent

  • You can instruct Pro-Leagle to negotiate with your Freeholder in order to secure an alternative Managing Agent

Cost: £117.50

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Service Charge Dispute Handling

  • If leaseholders believe service charges to be unreasonable or unnecessary they may be able to contest them at the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber). Pro-Leagle offer a full range of Service Charge Dispute handling services.