Service Charges
  • Are you a freeholder or managing agent who needs to monies from leaseholders for buildings' insurance, administration charges, maintenance, repair or improvement works?
  • Keen to comply first-time with statutory service charge rules?
  • Failure to serve valid Service Charge Notices may lead to a leaseholder legitimately withholding payments.
  • Pro-Leagle's online Service Charge Law Pack saves you time and removes the fear of serving incorrect notices.

Save time and the stress caused by serving incorrect notices. Using our Service Charge Law Pack you will be able to quickly generate:

  • Requests for Ground Rent under the terms of the lease.
  • Payment demands for works, administration costs or buildings' insurance.
  • Consultation notices for planned works.
  • Consultation notices for planned long-term contracts.
  • Yearly Service Charge Summaries.

As seen on our Service Charge Satellite Website.

Summary of Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer

  • This service is intended for usage only with leasehold flats/apartments in England. If you are unsure whether you have any grounds to challenge a service charge you should take Pro-Leagle's Service Charge Validity Test.
  • You will need both your Lease and any correspondence/service charge documentation that you have received ready-to-hand when using this service.
  • This is a standalone professional product which can potentially be used to help prepare for a service charge case in the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber). Technical IT assistance with the product is provided free of charge. However, legal assistance with the service charge report generated will be billed at an hourly rate. Contact Pro-Leagle for additional information.
  • It should be noted that, without personally reviewing all of the relevant documentation, Pro-Leagle cannot itself comment on your service charge dispute.