Service Charges

Service Charges are costs payable under the terms of the Lease. Service Charge law is complicated with leaseholders and freeholders often being ignorant of their respective rights and responsibilities.

  • Are you a freeholder, managing agent or Right to Manage company representative who needs to request money from leaseholders? Our Service Charge Law Pack will enable you to rapidly prepare the required documentation on-line.
  • Are you a leaseholder who feels that their service charges are too high, unreasonable or invalid? Commonplace abuses include excessive insurance or maintenance costs, payment requests for expenditure not recoverable in the lease and financially beneficial 'sham arrangements', where the freeholder and agent are the same entity. Pro-Leagle has created a free, preliminary Service Charge Validity Test to help leaseholders identify whether they may have grounds for challenging service charge(s).
  • The next step is Pro-Leagle's on-line Service Charge Dispute Analyser that generates a personalised Service Charge Report. The report sets out legislative, contract and case law grounds on which service charges can be challenged. This product is suitable for use by professionals and laymen alike.
  • Alternatively, Pro-Leagle can carry out a traditional Service Charge Case Review.
  • Service charge disputes are complicated, expensive, and by their nature limited to issues arising during specific service-charge years. Even if a case is resolved successfully, the same issues may arise in subsequent years. Leaseholders should hence consider the alternatives to service charge disputes carefully before commencing any action.
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