Service Charge Law Pack
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Service Charge Law Pack

Do you need to request monies from leaseholders for buildings' insurance, administration charges, maintenance, repair or improvement works?

  • Are you a freeholder or managing agent worried about statutory service charge compliance?
  • Do you already manage your long-leasehold property through a Right to Manage or Freehold Company but need to request service charges from non-participating leaseholders?
  • Failure to serve valid Service Charge Notices may lead to a leaseholder legitimately witholding payments.

Pro-Leagle's online Service Charge Law Pack saves you time and removes the fear of serving incorrect notices. You will be able to quickly generate:

  • Requests for Ground Rent under the terms of the lease.
  • Payment demands for works, administration costs or buildings' insurance.
  • Consultation notices for planned works.
  • Consultation notices for planned long-term contracts.
  • Yearly Service Charge Summaries.

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Key features include:

  • Explanations of which of the 9 included statutory documents to use and when.
  • Interactive online completion of document templates prepared by a specialist law firm and updated with each legislative amendment.
  • Leaseholder, freeholder and managing agent details are entered only once and automatically populated in all statutory notices you wish to prepare.
  • Same-screen document previews automatically update as you type, saving time on revisions.
  • Multiple documents can be produced for up to 10 flats in a leasehold property simultaneously.
  • Details for up to 10 different leasehold properties can be saved.
  • All documents prepared stored online for later retrieval.

Summary of Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer

  • For professionals including commercial freeholders, solicitors and managing agents the above cost is per leasehold property managed.
  • You must have management rights over the long-leasehold property (i.e. you must be a freehold owner/company, be managing agents employed by the freeholder or leaseholder Right to Manage company representatives).
  • This law pack covers the statutory requirements of preparing and sending statutory service charges, administrative charges and ground rent notices.
  • Pro-Leagle cannot accept responsibility for documents prepared by third parties. Nevertheless, Pro-Leagle can offer personalised legal representation and assistance nationwide at additional cost if required.