Managing Agents

Dismissing a Managing Agent

You should carefully consider the following questions:-

  1. Have you been asked to pay an unreasonable amount for buildings' insurance, service charge or other cost?
  2. Do your Managing Agents regularly inspect the property and maintain the building in good repair and decoration?
  3. Are they efficient at dealing with your enquiries or complaints?
  4. Do they behave reasonably towards you when carrying out the instructions of the Freeholder?
  5. Overall, do you have a good relationship with your Managing Agent?
  6. Is there any way in which the situation can be improved?

You should approach dismissal of a Managing Agent carefully and have made other arrangements for managing the property, either by instructing an alternative Agency or by self-management.

What are the ways in which I can dismiss my managing agent?

You can do one of two things:-

  1. Approach your Freeholder to request a change in Managing Agent.
  2. You now have the right by law to dismiss your Managing Agent and either appoint an alternative Agent or manage the property yourself. This can only take place by the incorporation of a Right to Manage Company.