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Section 21 Notice to Quit Validity Checker

Is Your Section 21 Notice to Quit Valid?

Cost: £9.99

(2 weeks' unlimited use per user)

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70% of Notices to Quit (a.k.a Notices Seeking Possession) are found to be invalid in the County Court. Pro-Leagle's online Notice to Quit Validity Checker makes it simple to check the validity of a Section 21 Notice to Quit prior to costly Court action.

As seen on our Notice to Quit Satellite Website.

  • Key facts are checked securely online and a Notice validity report generated.
  • Clear descriptions of reasons for Notice invalidity and areas of potential concern.
  • Additional IT support by email and telephone at no extra cost.
  • 2 weeks' access for £9.99 with unlimited Notice checks during that time.

Section 21 Notice to Quit Validity Checker: Demonstration Video

Pages from a sample landlord Notice validity report can be viewed below. Key details are intentionally obscured:

Thumbnail Image Thumbnail Image

Summary of Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer

  • This service is intended for usage only with English properties let under Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreements with monthly payment of rent. In addition, the property should not have been abandoned by the tenant. If you are unsure whether your tenancy is an AST take Pro-Leagle's AST Qualification Test.
  • You will need both the Tenancy Agreement and the Notice to Quit ready-to-hand when using this service. You will also need to know when and how the Notice was delivered to the tenant.
  • This test is NOT exhaustive and, without personally reviewing the exact Notice served, Pro-Leagle cannot provide a categorical determination of Notice validity. However, this low-cost option will give a strong indication of whether it is worth seeking more expensive professional advice.