Pro-leagle DIY RTM Pack

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Pro-Leagle Publishing

Language: English

ISBN-10: 978-0-9557130

ISBN-13: 978-0-9557130-0-2

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210mm x 297mm x 15mm (with CD-ROM)

Do-It-Yourself Right to Manage Law Pack with CD-ROM


  • If you would like to manage the Right to Manage process yourself you will find this 'Do-it-Yourself Right to Manage Law Pack' invaluable.
  • It is a fully comprehensive, step by step guide on how to conduct your own Right to Manage. This pack comes complete with all forms and letters required and is revolutionary in the sense that it is in paper and CD format enabling your RTM details to be saved straight onto your PC.
  • All documentation requires only minimal customisation. The DIY RTM Pack guides you through:
  1. How to incorporate your own Right to Manage company.
  2. How to officially inform the Freeholder of your intention to exercise Right to Manage.
  3. How to manage the accounts.
  4. What your ongoing responsibilities are to Companies House and the Inland Revenue.
  • This book contains ALL you need to know to successfully negotiate the RTM process yourself without incurring any avoidable fees. Be your own Specialist today.

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