Landlord and Tenant

Residents' Association Law Pack

Looking to manage your long-leasehold property more efficiently?

Pro-Leagle's Resident's Association Law Pack enables you to prepare all the documents required to form a Residents' Association. The pack comprises:

  • Specialist Residents' Association Constitution
  • Policy for Handling Money
  • Code of Conduct at Meetings
  • Template Minutes of Meeting

Using the online option, all of these documents can be automatically filled in by entering only a few key details. The documents update as you type, giving you a clear preview of the end result.

Why start a Residents' Association?

  • Setting up a Resident's Association means that long-leaseholder residents who did not participate in Right to Manage or Freehold purchase can join the management process. Management can be more harmonius if all residents are involved.
  • You may be paying a yearly fee for your management company bank account. Moving the management to a Residents' Association gives you access to fee-free bank accounts.
  • You may currently be paying an accountant to submit yearly company returns. If you manage the finances through a Residents' Association, no money will pass through the Right to Manage or Freehold company. You can then file dormant company returns with Companies House. This is a much simpler process, and you may be able to do without an accountant altogether.
  • Management rules can be much more flexible with a Residents' Association. Unlike Right to Manage or Freehold companies relevant documents to not need to be filed with Companies House. They can hence be changed at any time (subject to members' agreement).

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Summary of Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer

  • You and your fellow leaseholders must already have management rights over your long-leasehold property through either a Right to Manage company or a Freehold company.
  • This law pack covers the establishment and running of a Residents' Association. It does not provide guidance on bookkeeping, accounts filing, tendering maintenance contracts or any other aspect of property management beyond the Residents' Association.