Company and Business Advice

Company and Business Advice Services and Costs

If you would like Pro-Leagle to assist you with start-up and successful continuation of your (proposed) Company or business, see below for a list of our services and charges:

General Start-up Business/Company Advice

  • This service provides advice and assistance for prospective entrepreneurs looking to create a solid legal infrastructure for a Company or Business. We can advise you as to the most suitable business structure to use, incorporate a Company on your behalf, discuss the legal mechanics of your website, as well as other start-up issues.

Cost: £175.00 per hour

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Ongoing Legal Advice

  • This service provides ongoing legal advice on any Business/Company matter, including Licensing, Health & Safety, your rights and duties as an Employer, etc.

£210.00 per hour

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Legal Advice for Company Directors

  • As a Director of a Limited Company, you will be required to adhere to your Memorandum and Articles of Association. We can advise as to your rights and obligations therein and recommend adjustments (if necessary)
  • Company Minutes of Meetings, Resolutions and other Notices are required. Pro-Leagle can assist you with these.
  • We also provide advice and assistance in Company Secretarial matters.

Cost: £210.00 per hour

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