Company and Business Advice

Choosing Your Workplace

As a start-up company or business, you may feel the need to search for office premises straight away. However, a cost-effective alternative could be to run the business from home until your profit is consistent.

Given the communication technologies now available it is possible for people to group together from their respective homes, and to create a profitable business. At a stroke, a 'virtual business' removes the burden of two overheads: rent and employees.

If you decide that your business cannot operate without premises, taking time to find the right office in the right location is essential.

  • There are various types of office rentals. The main two are serviced office accommodation under a Licence to Occupy and premises subject to a Lease.
  • The main difference is that the obligations under a License are generally not as stringent. Parties can normally bring the License to an end by giving three months' notice in writing. Commercial Leases are usually more permanent arrangements and rights and obligations, such as repair and maintenance, etc are the norm.
  • Pro-Leagle can assist you in ascertaining your legal rights and obligations before committing to either a Licence to Occupy or a Commercial Lease.
  • If necessary, we can assist by liaising with town planning and building control officers, environmental health offices, fire officers and health and safety. Contact Pro-Leagle for more information.