Commercial Debt Collection

Debt Chasing Procedure

  1. Ensure that your customers knows your credit terms. The best way is to print them clearly on the Invoice.
  2. As soon as the bill is overdue, politely request the monies in writing, preferably by fax, with a follow-up in the post.
  3. If there is no reply within seven days, check that the invoice details are correct, including the customer's own reference.
  4. Fax again. Follow up with a letter sent by recorded delivery.
  5. If there is no reply within seven days, telephone to ascertain what the problem is.
  6. Keep the pressure up by persistent chasing.
  7. If there is still no response, make an appointment to collect the cheque or cash in person. This is what the Inland Revenue do.
  8. If all the previous steps have failed, send a formal solicitors letter.
  9. This is the time to consider issuing a writ for the debt or commencing bankruptcy/winding-up proceedings against a company. Obtain legal advice before you do so.
  10. Pro-Leagle can assist you with all steps up to and including negotiations, letter before action, application to the County Court, bundle preparation and Court representation (if required).

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